How do I stop a Payment?

If you submitted an invoice for payment and you now need to retract the payment, you can do so by using the “Manage Payment” Action within the Finexio Payment Portal.

Once logged into the Portal, click on the tab farthest to the right labeled “Payment Aging”.
Search for the Payment you would like to stop by using the filters at the top of your screen.
Once the payment is selected use the scroll at the bottom to scroll all the way to the right and click the “Manage Payment” link.
This will open a new Tab in your browser with our Payment Management Request Form.
Complete the form and select which action you would like to take with this payment (Stop payment or reissue payment).
Important to note: You may only stop a payment that has not settled with the supplier. When you stop an invoice, the entire payment will be stopped. This means you cannot stop a payment on an invoice by invoice basis, it will affect the entire aggregated payment.
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