How to Handle Rejected Payment Files

This guide will explain how to spot and fix errors so your payment runs will be executed successfully.

The Finexio payment platform is meticulous and highly-automated, built to ensure that payments will process as efficiently as possible. Because of this, the Finexio system expects data to conform to a specific format. Our platform validates every payment before it goes out, and identifies any potential issues. If any issues are found, there may be a delay or rejection of a payment file. In addition to this troubleshooting guide, it’s important to carefully read and understand the Finexio Payment File Specification.


This guide explains how to spot and fix errors in a rejected payment file so you can successfully submit files for processing.

A new payment file should be submitted for each payment run, as described in the File Management article. Finexio automates all data validation for payments files to ensure that the entire payment file is correct. First, submit a payment file by selecting the upload button ( + ) on the right side of the screen to upload your payment file.




File Accepted

Once you have uploaded your payment file, you will receive a pop-up message showing that your submission was successful.


You’ll also receive an email message indicating that the file has been accepted.


After you receive the pop-up message indicating approval, you will find your file in the Pending tab. If it’s there, this means that the Finexio system did not encounter any issues or errors, and your file is awaiting funding.



Rejected file

If your file is rejected, you will receive the following pop-up message.


You'll also receive an email message for your rejected payment file with a reject log attached notifying you of the reason the file was rejected.


The file name will appear in the Rejected tab, which means that your file contains at least one error.


If you click on the status of the file, you will be able to view the same reject log that was attached to the notification email.


These errors include:

  • Missing required fields
  • Additional fields
  • Invalid values
  • BuyerID does not exist
  • SupplierID does not exist
  • Payee does not exist
  • Buyer does not belong to partner
  • Your file contains one of the following characters "^([^|*,]+)?$"

An explanation for each of these errors is given below.


Missing required fields

Required fields include BuyerID, BuyerName, SupplierID, SupplierName, InvoiceNumber, and PaymentAmount. For any suppliers receiving a check, the address fields are required including Address1, City, ZipCode, State, and Country. Finexio can't process a payment file that is lacking a value for any of these required fields. See the Finexio Payment File Specification article.


Additional fields

If additional fields are found in the payment file, other than the 13 fields given in the Finexio Payment Specification, the payment file is automatically rejected. 


If you want to add fields to your payment file, contact us so that we can work to understand your needs and provide a solution.


Invalid values

Examples of invalid values include values that exceed specified field length, have insufficient length, or contain incorrect date formats. Date values in any format other than MMDDYYYY will cause a rejection. Prior to submission, please ensure that values in each field are in the correct format.


BuyerID does not exist

Each buyer must be enrolled and activated in our system with a unique Buyer ID before Finexio can process any payment files. If a buyer is not yet active in the system, any payment files sent with the ID will be rejected. Contact Finexio to pre-register any new buyers.


SupplierID does not exist

The default payment method is by check. If a supplier has not yet enrolled in a payment method other than checks, the correct address must be provided. Contact Finexio to pre-register any new supplier.


Payee does not exist

This error results from a mismatch in buyer/supplier association. A buyer must register with Finexio and obtain a BuyerID for submitting payment files. Any suppliers that correspond to that buyer must enroll in relation to that buyer in Finexio. Contact us to enroll suppliers so that they correspond to a specific buyer.


Buyer does not belong to partner

A partner can have several entities (subsidiaries) under which payments are issued. The Finexio system also validates the BuyerID with partners. If a partner has buyers, each buyer must enroll under this partner.


For example, consider a property management company that pays suppliers that support different properties. In this scenario, each property would be a buyer, and the property management company is the partner.


Your file contains one of the following characters "^([^|*,]+)?$"

The data that is entered into your payment file must be in a specific format. The following values "^([^|*,]+)?$" must be omitted from all fields in your file. For example, $5,325.98 is not permissible, while 5325.98 = is correct. For additional information please refer to the Finexio Payment File Specification.

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