Finexio Payment Processing Overview

Finexio identifies and optimizes payment delivery

Finexio shifts payments from a high-cost manual process to low-cost digital payments, reducing per-payment costs by 100% and generating revenue from what is traditionally a cost center.


Funds and remittance are distributed to suppliers via the best and preferred payment method.


Supplier Enablement

Our team reaches out to your suppliers to determine their most beneficial and preferred payment method. Finexio achieves 3x industry-leading electronic payment conversion.


Digital workflows allow suppliers to effortlessly switch from costly and inefficient manual AP payments.


Finexio offers best-in-class security for all payment methods and alleviates your need to collect, store, or attempt to validate supplier bank account numbers.


CredX - Pay Supplier With a Card

Our technology allows customers to pay any supplier with a Mastercard or Visa credit card, regardless of whether they accept cards.

  • Gain 30 days of new cashflow
  • Save up to .75% on every transaction
  • Suppliers are paid on time

Supply Chain Finance - Extend DPO and Enhance Cashflow

Our customers can take control over their cash flow by leveraging payment terms extensions with their supplier base.

  • Unlock working capital for you and your suppliers
  • Switch from negotiation to collaboration with suppliers
  • Invest in stability and resiliency in your supplier base


Dynamic Discounting

We offer forms of supplier financing that put your surplus cash to better use.

  • A better rate of return for short-term cash with no risk
  • Create value without changing processes or adding more work
  • Customize payment terms and benefit from Finexio's supplier enablement for enrollment
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