Settling Supplier Payments

Settlement Information Available Online

Finexio onboards suppliers onto electronic payments — reducing the workload for your accounts payable and finance teams, while providing dedicated, concierge-level support to you and your suppliers.


More Free Time + Cashflow

  • You are free to work on something strategic and more valuable than standing at a printer or signing checks!
  • We take care of any payment issues, resends, refunds, change requests, and supplier inquiries.
  • Most answers to supplier's questions can be found online or handled via chat.

More Free Time + Cashflow


Access to all your payment history and current transaction activity is available through our self-service supplier portal. Once enrollment is completed, you will be sent an invitation and instructions for activating your account.


How does Finexio benefit customers' suppliers?

  • Suppliers are paid faster and more securely.
  • Suppliers have many options on how and when to be paid, ensuring there is a payment route for everyone.
  • Suppliers gain peace of mind by knowing when their payments will arrive via online reporting.
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